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Spinning Indie: Radio Station Field Trip 52 - WXVU at Villanova University

Be sure to check out this great article on WXVU! Highlights the station and General Manager Steven Gulotta! 


1. The JezebelsThe Brink

By: Matteo Patrera

Riding off their debut studio album, Prisoner, the four-piece Australian indie rock group is back sounding better than ever. With Intense tracks and bursting vocals that highlight a pop tone, The Jezabels are destined to remain at the top of the boards once again

2. Death Vessel-Island Intervals

By: Matteo Petrera

Death Vessel’s first album Stay Close, released group in 2005, received critical acclaim. As much can be expected for Island Intervals. Signed to Sub-Pop records, the folk/dream-pop band’s smooth, haunting vocals and laid back style in Island Intervals are bound to capture the ears of many. 

3. Sam Roberts Band - Lo-Fantasy

By: Matteo Petrera

Coming off their 2011 album release of Collider, Sam Roberts, vocalist extraordinaire, and his group return with an awesome new album. Lo-Fantasy is filled with upbeat mixes of indie pop and rock, ranging from the upbeat, poppy “Shapeshifters” to the slower, dreamier vibes of “Never Enough.” A personal favorite.

4. Skaters - Manhattan

By: Matteo Petrera

Skaters has been hailed as “everything we wished The Strokesstill epitomized,” band. Grungy, garage-y, fast paced songs are the basis of the album, blended with the embodiment of the Los Angeles skate culture that the band originates from.

5. Thumpers - Galore

By: Matteo Petrera

London alt-pop duo Thumpers, riding off the massive hype stirred up by their single “Sound of Screams,” has put out a great new album. Galore  is filled with melodic, synth driven pop and is sure to bring in tons of popularity for the relatively new group. 

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